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The light of Lukic's glass pearls~~~~~~ The third season in a row, I write about the stained glasses of Aleksandar Lukic, and every new assessment of his works evokes in me the need to present to the observer the incredible light layer that achieves essential, aerie, vigorous balance of the human person, emitting troubled emotions anyway, whether they are small decorations on the walls of the most beautiful houses, sculptures called "The wave of wind", lamps or mirrors. ~~~~~"Nimbuses" over the heads of saints, are slowly disassembled through - with divine love - irradiated body, when Almighty, leading the hand of the master, gives the divine light and his gentleness with ordinary everyday items of incredible beauty. Thus, Lukic's lamps and mirrors, which seem to have four dimensions, both attract and push the observer away. His fascination with light and colored glass pearls becomes recognizable, while they attract observers in the same way as the author, even if they are in the composition of sacred motives, or built only as a decoration on vigil-lamps that lit before icons in the twilight. ~~~~~Particularly important is the fact that in time, when the GUARDIANS OF OUR DESTINY poisoning nature and air we breathe, there, in front of us, like dimming shine of the Temple-architecture sent to calm the human passion for destruction, touching a fraction of the calming universe, are composed in the name of the nobility of human life and universal beauty of nature. ~~~~~ Many homes in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica and other places have become warm, family nest of voluptuous beauty. Through soldering iron, copper and lead wires, glass, various structures and Tiffany pearls, the need to find refuge in unique ambient of our personal residence, enters lightly into our homes, and life too. Everything that Aleksandar Lukic has done, can not be arrayed in a kind of -isms, but these manual works have the attraction that each of us would chose in his own ambient. ~~~~~Novi Sad, 02.03.2009. ~~~~~Slavica Ilin, Curator of the Museum of Vojvodina ~~~~~Aleksandar M. Lukic was born in 1964. in Sremska Mitrovica. From the earliest school-days he has been interested in the photography, a hobby that grew into a serious, professional research. Recording the world around him with a photo-camera, his attention is directed towards the ecological environment, from which he stands out unique species of the pristine fungus. By this way, he stops time. These moments in which this gift of nature shows all its secrecy, Aleksander Lukic makes available to wide number of observers. ~~~~~In already mature years, Lukic turned his attention to a very powerful challenge- the technique of stained glass. Working day and night on the well-known, and especially on incomprehensible requirements of this technique, he triumphantly strikes down and integrates a dual role - craftsman and artist. Based on works in the field of stained glass, Aleksandar Lukic becomes a member UPIDIV/ Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers of Vojvodina /. ~~~~~Solo Exhibitions:~~~~~ Gallery Club Trema, Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, with Zoran Pecin, 2006. ~~~~~TomTin Gallery, with Zoran Pecin, 2006. ~~~~~Buza Gallery /exhibition for a wall/ Subotica, 2007. ~~~~~SPENS, Gallery Macut, Novi Sad, 2007. ~~~~~Studio M, Novi Sad, 2008. ~~~~~S Gallery, Kikinda, 2009. ~~~~~With the blessing of His Excellency Irinej, Bishop of Backa District, Aleksandar Lukic is engaged in making stained glasses at the temple of the Holy Prophet Elijah in Palic. ~~~~~Collective exhibitions: ~~~~~Museum of Vojvodina, humanitarian exhibition Novi Sad, 2007. ~~~~~Gallery UPIDIV, Novi Sad, 2008. ~~~~~Buza Gallery, Exhibition of Miniatures, 2008. ~~~~~Museum of Vojvodina, FORMA 20, biennial exhibition UPIDIV, Novi Sad, 2009.

Phone: 381 (0) 24 566 288


Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/Lukic

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