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Jones Art Glass
Hand crafted Lampwork reflecting the beauty of the High Desert Southwest. I began Lampworking in spring of 2000. The work presented here is a testament to all the hard work, patience, and skill it takes to keep glass hot, well formed, and beautiful. There's no where on earth quite as eye catching as the desert here in New Mexico, hopefully my work captures that. Without the patience and support of God and my colleauges I never could have made it this far. Thank you to: Lewis Wilson and the whole Crytal Myths fam, KBGlassworks for all the things I cant mention here, and the glass support, The Wisconsin Squad, Paul and Devin; the Queen City Lampworks team for trading me for my first beads without clowning me, Harold Williams Cooney aka"Happy" your work ethic is amazing, Kevin O'Grady for showing me how to sell all this stuff I keep making, and of course my son Noah...Its all for you man. Feel free to contact me either by Phone or Email for all purchase information. Thank you for spending some time with me...

"Promise Made Promise Kept"

Rashan Omari Jones
Albququerque NM 87113 US
Phone: 505-504-9971


Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/JonesArtGlass

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