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Nathan Purcell
Well- I started blowing glass in 1998 with Sean Stirling(Smiley) in Boulder Colorado.After being really poor in CO. I decided to move back to Philly.I guess I just missed the city life and I was tired of not being able to eat after 10 at night. The first couple of years in Philly were pretty rough but I ran in to some good people and shit started poppin' off.One thing led to another and I built Philly Glass Works.So with having focus for 7 and half years shit finally worked out.I would like to say thanks to -first and foremost- Smiley for teaching me in the begining and All the other glass blowerers in Philly that helped me out too ....Peace...(I'm focused man!)


Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/NathanPurcell

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