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#469 Depth Vortex #469 Depth Vortex
Seven fish swirl into the depths on 5 differing levels using Bullseye fusing sheet glass, powders...
Patterns-Kelp Forest Patterns-Kelp Forest
Patterns- Kelp Forest" is a multiple panel glass fused artwork of flowing kelp within clear and o...
#1046 Floating
Yellow, orange, and red koi swim below the surface of floating gingko leaves. Two koi are partia...
#1045 Gingko Koi
Texturally iridescent orange, red, white, and black koi swim below gingko leaves. Multiple layers...
#977 One Big Fish! #977 One Big Fish!
Six variations of blues combine within a chalky green background to form the 3 panel composition....
#972 Birch Leave Cascade #972 Birch Leave Cascade
Within a light turquoise blue background rests a stand of birch trees. Changing green and yellow...
Blue Fish Blue Fish
Iridescent scales of dark aventurine blue fade to white across the fish’s surface. One fish swim...
647 Crimson Blooms 647 Crimson Blooms
Deep crimson orchids blossom open in a wispy textural white and clear iridescent under surface. P...
#623 Deep Water #623 Deep Water
Thick fused glass ridges form waves flowing across, forming the design. Deep patterns within the...
Fluid Sea Fluid Sea
A dimensional seahorse rises ¼” from the sweeping aquatic plant leaves as one leaf sweeps outward...
Obscure Obscure
Three golden yellow swallowtails float under blue tubular cells within a circle perimeter. Each...
Updraft Updraft
Varying shades of blue oval tubes push outward and upward as a monarch styled butterfly floats be...
Dragon Fly Away Dragon Fly Away
A glass fused dragonfly’s wings sweep upward and float beyond the circle environment. The thick...
Deep Cherry Sky Deep Cherry Sky
Cherry Blossoms bloom within a deep blue speckled sky. A single branch with flowers rises ¼” from...
Crossing Branches- Cherry Crossing Branches- Cherry
A raised cherry branch with blossoms crosses over a fading background branch. Within the green te...
#830 Moon Fall #830 Moon Fall
Fuchsia and white flowers bloom under a golden full moon. Varying raised levels of branches and...
Linear Lion Fish Linear Lion Fish
Varying sized fusing glass chips and powders drop lines forming the lion fish’s main patterns. B...
854 Diffusion-Orchid 854 Diffusion-Orchid
Golden yellow and fuchsia orchid blossoms rise (¼”) above the textural glass fused surface. Blac...
Radiolarian-1 Radiolarian-1
Raised channels of fusing glass chips create the mineral skeletons in the amoeboid protozoa. The...
#975 Birch Chickadee #975 Birch Chickadee
An iridescent chickadee perches within a texturally layered birch forest. Fusing glass pieces, p...
#979 Surfacing #979 Surfacing
A coral and salmon colored koi’s head rises out of the textural, iridescent surface. The second...
#989 #989
An amber brown koi submerges within an aqua blue oval pond. Another koi rises to crest the surfa...
1003 Bubble Twins 1003 Bubble Twins
Diffused koi swirl within a circle base. Layers of fusing glass pieces, powders, and chips creat...
#945 Heron Zen
A great heron stands amid tall grasses. His beak and body silhouette rises outward with layers o...
#648 Awakening #648 Awakening
A warbler’s body curves along the base reflecting the circular design. Three salmon pink flowers...
#910 Rose Stems #910 Rose Stems
Pink roses rise from their circular centers, curving back onto the slightly opaque textural sky b...
#911 Unfurl
Fern leaves unfurl within a pale yellow accented circle design. Layers of fusing glass chips and...
#915 Centered
Texturally deep, iridescent scales rise and flow over the red-orange koi. Varying blue hues swir...
#915 Centered
Texturally deep, iridescent scales rise and flow over the red-orange koi. Varying blue hues swir...
#948 Water Life
A jacana water bird hovers over an iridescent dragonfly. Salmon pink lotus flower petals curve a...
#1067 Deep Birch
Black glass line work shift and flow deeper within small stacks of clear transparent and clear ir...
Below a bubbled watery surface swims a marigold and yellow fish. Within the base layers of fusin...
#1010 Lotus Bud
Garnet, cranberry, and pinks shade the lotus bud in this fused glass artwork. Each petal pushes...
#1021 Golden Koi #1021 Golden Koi
Fine black glass line work and silver foil scale accents embellish the circular koi design. Mari...
Marine Protozoa Marine Protozoa
A blue nucleus floats within chartreuse textural cells of a marine protozoa. Layers of glass pie...
Streamline Streamline
An orange yellow koi flows between a water lily flower and leaf in this fused glass artwork. Mult...
#1025 Emboss #1025 Emboss
Powdered glass between layers create embossing effects within this fused glass artwork. Glass lin...
#1024 Aspen Leaves
Seasonally changing leaves float down within an aspen forest. Fusing glass pieces, powders, chip...
#1036 Lotus Garden
Fuchsia textured accents, combined with yellow powders create the fused glass lotus. Fine black...
#947 Golden Fish #947 Golden Fish
Golden scales wrap around yellow and orange fish floating in a circular blue pond. Layers of fus...
#902 Floating Leaf #902 Floating Leaf
One large leaf floats on short tubes of varying green pieces to form a rippled shape. The purple...
#903 Soaring #903 Soaring
A single dragonfly flies out beyond the swirling circle base. Multiple layers of fusing glass bu...
Shadow Flight Shadow Flight
Thin black glass lines complete the butterfly’s design in a dotted blue sky. To add drama and de...
#482 Peacock Swirl #482 Peacock Swirl
A peacock swirls its' tail feathers into a round design. Additional recessed peacock eyes add int...
#379 Formal Clematis Garden #379 Formal Clematis Garden
Multi layered 18 1/8" x 14 3/8"
#442 Field of Red Flowers #442 Field of Red Flowers
Five Textural Red Flowers grow out of their blue sky base. 4.4 lbs.
#481 On the prowl #481 On the prowl
A tiger's front paw and head extend beyond the base as he prowls the day. Stripes flow beyond th...
#415 Malaysian Yellow #415 Malaysian Yellow
Ripples form near the koi's mouth as he swirls around stones. textural, multi layered 18 1/2" x...
#491 Beisa Oryx #491 Beisa Oryx
Glass Fusing A Beisa Oryx stands amid a shadow herd in a grassy area under a bright blue sky....
#487 Zebra Stripes #487 Zebra Stripes
Glass Fusing - A Zebra stands in bands of spring green glass chips and powders flowing from his s...
Impression of Flight-Green Impression of Flight-Green
Deep patterned voids float downward and become a part of the wing’s design of a green moth. Dark...
5-5-5 Brittle Star 5-5-5 Brittle Star
This glass fused artwork is based on the number 5. A five sided pentagon design surrounds a 5 ar...
Tulip Blush Tulip Blush
Glass powders create a wispy, diffused atmosphere in this glass fused artwork. Black glass lines...
Pale Lotus Pale Lotus
A dragonfly perches upon a dusty crimson and white lotus blossom. Shades of greens, including pa...
Leafy Lotus Leafy Lotus
Folding with the wind a crimson, pink, and white lotus flower blossoms open. Shades of greens cr...
Morning Mist Morning Mist
One bluebird rests on a dogwood branch within a diffused morning sky. Layers of fused glass crea...
#377 Peony #377 Peony
Glass Fusing 14 1/4" x 17"
#381 Blue Swallows #381 Blue Swallows
Multi layered / multi levels glass fusing / Slump 13 3/8" x 13 5/8" x 3/8"
#384 Avocet #384 Avocet
Glass Fusing 14 1/2" x 16"
#624 3B - 1 Right #624 3B - 1 Right
Three bees rest inside honeycomb cells within a deep multi-layered fused glass artwork. An iride...
#354 Morning Glory #354 Morning Glory
Glass Fusing 10 1/8" x 19 1/8"
#375 Sonoran Flower #375 Sonoran Flower
Glass Fusing 15 5/8" x 18 1/8"
#376 Night Pink #376 Night Pink
Glass Fusing 14 1/4" x 15 1/2"
#371 Deeper Moon #371 Deeper Moon
Glass Fusing / slumped Deep Moon Jelly 9 1/8" x 14 1/8" x 3/4"
#389 Lotus Hand #389 Lotus Hand
Glass Fusing 10 1/2" x 17 5/8" 3.4 lbs.
#378 Clematis Shadow #378 Clematis Shadow
Glass Fusing 10" x 12" x 3/8"
#445 Compassion Flower #445 Compassion Flower
A white lotus of compassion rests in mother earth's open hand extending to her heart. THis glass...
#385 Saffron #385 Saffron
Glass Fusing 9 3/4" x 14" 2.6 lbs.

Items In Plates & Platters

#646a-e Floral Bursts -plate set #646a-e Floral Bursts -plate set
Lineal black lines flow from a center point creating abstract dandelion flowers. The 11” x 11” x...
#906 Blossom Branch Curve- bowl #906 Blossom Branch Curve- bowl
A branch filled with cherry blossoms gently curves from the bowl’s base and outward towards the r...
#1023 Australian Blue Wren - soup bowl #1023 Australian Blue Wren - soup bowl
Fine black glass line work and blues form the Australian blue wren. Patterns of purple powder be...
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