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"Happy Trails" Horse Pack String
"Happy Trails" Horse Pack String The Copper Overlay technique is a technique developed by Veenstra which creates a silhouette of "sculpted copper" overlain on a background of stunning "stained glass", representing an amazing sunset/sunrise scene. Veenstra searches through thousands of sheets of "stained glass" to find just the right color and patterns to compliment his original design (all images are copyright protected). These pieces are framed in solid oak frames and are designed to hang in windows and have natural sun light pass through them.
Each piece goes through amazing transitions of color and shadow as the variable light of day changes. Copper images on both sides of the glass cause the illusion of a distant landscape (trees, mountains etc.). As the light of day diminishes, the distant landscape scene fades away, and disappears when light no longer passes through the glass. At that point, the scene overlain on the front side of the glass is apparent, not so much as a silhouette, but as a sculpted copper scene. The overall rendition, yields a very dynamic art form which changes and has a different look, depending on the lighting conditions.


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