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Joshua Opdenaker
Josh Opdenaker's glass work ranges from the absurd to the edgy and aggressive. In his own words he describes, the beauty of glass sculpting to be the never ending struggle for perfection in theory and in execution. The art is not in the finished piece; the art is in the physical movement of creating the work. His innovative techniques and concepts leave much contemplation and introspection and never gets stale by constantly changing subject matter. With such a range of style his work is impossible to generalize or classify, leaving it much in a class of it's own. Josh states, If nothing else, view my work as original. Technique and craft can be learned, originality cannot. You either have it, or you do not.

Email: jop.glass@gmail.com

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josh opdenaker
908 A north third
philadelphia PA  


Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/JoshuaOpdenaker

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