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J Mcghee
Supercooled Liquid, Glass Art By J McGhee

First off let me tell u a little about me.....

I'm Jason McGhee 28yrs old.I live in Washington state. so I am always surrounded by the beauty Of nature and wonder. I love to incorporate these influences in to my art.

My first introduction to glass was at Disney world. Then I watched a lamp worker make all these wonderful things. Some years later, I met Jay Nazelrod my soon to be mentor.
After 3 months of watching intensely. I asked him if he would teach me how to blow glass. He said buy a torch to show dedication and so I did. I studied under jay for 2 yrs. Then I moved back to Vancouver and practiced my skills over and over again and again. another great influence in my glass life has been Matt & Misha of Eugene Rain,they push me beyond the limits. Ever since Ive been hooked.

I have had the pleasure to work with Matt & Misha Geisler, John Kabuki, Nate Miers, Bob Snodgrass, Freindly Kat Glass,Sabine Boehn, and several others.

I love the quest of this never ending journey. Glass is very amazing, it can be shaped in to countless shapes. Colored, textured, for modern, contemporary, antiques looks.

My main influences are natural organic feels, natural wonders of the world. And modern contemporary organics. My mood also affects the style and colors of my work.

I stared this journey early 2002 and just dont see an end too it. Hope you like my art as much as I love making it .
Jason McGhee

still working on the site.

J McGhee
vancouver WA 98686 us


Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/JMcghee

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