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Fossilized Trilobite Splitstones

This is my trilobite splitstones series.The trilobites are made to look like they were split stones. Where you get the trilobite on one stone and the impression left on the other stone.They are a amalgamation of flameworking,casting & fused metal.All the trilobites are sculpted by torch before they are cast.All three sculptures made with custom metal stands. The first trilobite splitstone is of 'Flexicalymene Meeki'.Flexicalymene lived around 450 million yrs ago.They have bulbous knobs on the center portion of the head.This sculpture was so diverse that it can be displayed in at least 6 different styles.I put large clear windows on the back of these stones so you can see threw them and left the trilobite clear.I made this piece at Wheaton Arts in Millville,NJ. Made from recycled glass from Venice,Italy. I then Bernsteined it too make it look like red rock stone. The secondary trilobite is the Pennsylvania state fossil 'Phacops Rana'. Made to look like Pa. shale splitstone with a small trace amounts of zinc. Zinc is what gives the rock its red color.Phacops lived around 380 millions yrs ago.They had eyes made of many lenses,like todays insects.However they look like frog eyes-hence the name'rana'the genus name of the common frog.This sculpture was made at Pilchuck glass school in Stanwood,Wa. The third trilobite goes by the name 'Allolichas Halli'. Made to look like it was found in red rock.This splistone was made in Pilchuck glass school in Stanwood,Wa. I hope you ejoyed this series of glass fossilized trilobites.Thanks for looking!
Added by Jonathan Paul Ben... on 9/26/2012 7:00:39 PM
Fossilized Trilobite Splitstones
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