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Flameworked glass attached to a welded steel frame. 27"H x 24"W These are finally starting to take less time to make and a lot less time to install. Looking forward to comments, suggestions?
Added by Lindemann Glass on 7/21/2011 8:56:17 AM
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another beautiful day

A pair of glasses given as a gift for a very special wedding of the weekend. Enjoy
Added by Paul Lucas2 on 7/20/2011 9:33:36 AM
another beautiful day
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mic mac polygon

i am back :) i love chevron beads this is my interpretation of it.
Added by Carlee on 7/17/2011 10:17:18 PM
mic mac polygon
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The Blood Moon

1 5/8", 2011 Credit to Brian Bowden for the pics.
Added by John Bridges on 7/13/2011 10:21:52 AM
The Blood Moon
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2011_07 Weights

You will notice that one of the weights posted here is unlike any other you will likely find from Andrew Brown Studios. A good while back, Andrew was demonstrating how to use a "stump sucker" vacuum technique and created the "Deep Sea Find" piece. It hung around the shop for who knows how long until Kati O'Meara joined the team and took it to the coldworking stations. Brought up from the depths of the studio!
Added by Andrew Brown on 7/11/2011 9:32:39 AM
2011_07 Weights
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