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Picture It Mirror

Added by Henri Byrd-Mirror... on 12/29/2017 7:44:07 PM
Picture It Mirror

Henri' Byrd

Hand cut from 30X36 inch sheets of 1/8 inch mirror glass, each piece is hand cut, edges smoothed, sandblasted and painted to detail. Photographs are sandblasted into marble or mirror.
Added by Henri Byrd-Mirror... on 12/29/2017 6:49:00 PM
Henri' Byrd


Stained glass
Added by Karl Young on 12/29/2017 12:55:28 PM

Carlisle School of Glass Art

Honey Combs and Honey Beads with Lezlie Foster Class description: In this class students will learn all they need to know to make gorgeous honeycomb pieces as well as using the same techniques to make honeycomb beads that can be strung, honeycomb encased beads and honeycomb encased beads with bee murrini. Students will learn the techniques to make each honeycomb piece completely unique through demonstration, questions, answers and hands on learning. On day 1 of this class students will be creating the cells that make up the honeycombs using basic honey colors. Students will then move on with learning how to create depth and interest in their pieces through the use of color layering. We will put the pieces together to form honeycombs and students will learn how to achieve the look of honey dripping from the pieces. Students will also learn to take the cells and make beads with them. On day 2 students will learn the basics of coldworking. Students will take the honeycombs and beads they have made and learn to coldwork them using a flat lap machine and/or wet belt sander. These skills are not only needed for the honeycombs but can also be very useful in other work. Students will continue to make honeycomb pieces and will learn how to add murrini to them. Students will learn several different ways to make encased honeycomb beads as well as adding murrini to those beads. We will cover the basics of placing murrini and encasing them. see our website www.carlisleschoolofglassart.com or call us at 856-825-0627for details.
Added by Carlisle School O... on 12/21/2017 9:45:01 AM
Carlisle School of Glass Art
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