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Harold Williams Cooney
I would like to thank you for looking at my work. I was raised with the idea that one defines ones self by the work that you do. I truely love working glass in the flame, it is a good way to work out a life. Mostly I make glass rings, lots and lots of glass rings.

Please check out my glass ring and bead auctions on ebay and help me buy Mac and Cheeze (my favorate)!

Search EBay for "Glass Rings Jewelry"

If we ever see eachother arround (GAS, ISGB, Salem, Parole Board) please introduce your self, I'd be happy to see you.

One love, God Bless.
Harold Williams Cooney


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All Glass Rings

All Glass Rings

I have been working for a few years now to become the glass ring dude. I have always had a difficult time with the ladies on a social level and when I first started making glass rings I kind of thought that they would turn me into some sort of lampworking James Bond, or Rico Swava; but no, same old Harold. If you don't know this already, asking out a customer you make acquaintance with at a show doesn’t work, wish it did. Anyhow, I love to make rings because they make the women who ware them so happy. Every customer I have turns into a return customer. If you have one of my glass rings, please accept my thanks. You have invested in my future and helped build my life. Thank you.
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Finished Neckware.  So lucky to have photos . . . .

Finished Neckware. So lucky to have photos . . . .

I had this hair-brained idea that I would have a photo contest. If someone purchased one of my beads and took a photo of the finished work they could WIN!!! And being the type of happy-go-lucky dude that I am, I told every one that they would win CASH. And, as it turns out, of course, I don't have any. I don't know what to tell thease folks, I guess they get some free stuff . . . So funny what I do sometimes when I think I'm smart. Anyhow, the photos I do have are very fun for me to look at. Stringing is hard work, it takes some real skill, time and access to the right materials. If you have made work from my work, please send me a photo: YOU COULD WIN CASH!!! :)
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Glass Beads

Glass Beads

Text yet to come . . .
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Glass Pendants

Glass Pendants

Text yet to come . . .
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Life at the North Side Studio in Boulder Colorado

Life at the North Side Studio in Boulder Colorado

What does it take to be a lamp worker? One needs to spend a whole lot of quality time in a really good hang out spot: THE STUDIO! I have had my share of glass shops; apprenticed at one, worked at a few, bought one, sold one, build a few. But this place, North Side Studio, is my playground, way better than any other place I have worked. I live in the studio with the mice and spiders; I like to think of it as a one star hotel with out aggravation of all the fancy amenities. I have lived in many glass shops and I have to say that it suits me; I was never a domestic kind of guy. Give me some plywood and a dumpster dived futon and I’m happy. Boulder is a fancy, high end place. 300 days/year of liberalized vegetarian sunshine and lots of rich people in huge houses. The road we are on goes like this: Million dollar house, million dollar house, bunch of kids blowing glass in a barn, million dollar house. I live the glassy life here and wouldn't ever ask for more. Except a better torch. And some more color.
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New Work

New Work

Fresh from the kiln and no real photos . . .
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Random Things and Vessels from Broken Parts

Random Things and Vessels from Broken Parts

Text yet to come . . .
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Zanfirico Beads.  (That's Zanfirico:  Zan-fear-ah-co, kinda weird I know)

Zanfirico Beads. (That's Zanfirico: Zan-fear-ah-co, kinda weird I know)

If I could master one thing in my glass life it would be the technique used to make these beads. I have begun making vessels with this technique and in all reality I have a lot of work to do. The Zanfirico beads have a solid color background and that is a trick that I have had only experimental success with in vessels. The Zanfirico beads sell slowly because of the price/time thing, but they have been widely published and people seem to be encouraging, telling me to keep working on them and my vessels with the same look. I have seen a few finished pieces strung up with Zanfirico beads and I am always impressed that somebody has spent all that time with my glass work. For me, this is the oddest part of being a lampworker; people do stuff with my stuff. They wear it, they string it, they drink out of it, or they put it on a shelf. God bless them.
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Zanfirico Vessels

Zanfirico Vessels

I long to understand the assembly technique used in thease vessels. I love to make this type of work, I hope to spend the rest of my life working with the ideas represented here. After six years of lampworking I know that I am only at the starting line for this kind of work. I have to sell a LOT of glass rings to have the time and materials to make pieces like this. If you have any intrest in this work, please dear God, call me and tell me so, I need the encouragement. Wile you are at it, yell at me for getting off the torch to answer the phone. I put everything I have into the work posted here. That is the funny thing with glass, effort does not count, what it looks like is what counts and I have a long way to go. I would like to thank those few people who have purchased this type of work from me: you are fullfilling a dream. Thank you for investing in my life, in a few years it will be worth it (I hope). Thank you.
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Going to conferences like GAS (2005,4,3,2,1), ISGB (2005,4,1) or Salem (2005), internet inspiration like this site, Flow Mag,and talking with glass friends on the phone is the only way I survive. I love to see people work hard, to make visions in glass come true, because I want that for myself. I am pleased with my work not because it's good glass (my pieces need a lot of improvement) but because I know I put my heart into it. I am proud to say that I learned from Big Daddy Bruce. The biggest inspiration I have and the only reason I can push myself, the only way I can find the energy to work hard and stay focused comes from my glass friends-teachers who also ‘get-er-done’ tough everyday: Jason Ryner,Keysha Whitsel,Jason Herring,Kevin & Keith Engelman,Greg Hoff,Andrew Brown,Will Menzies,Steve Sizelove,Rosburg,and Solfiel.If you see me not working, kick me in the head. One Love, God bless and above all else: KEEP IT HOT! hwc05


  • Native
    im in aw
    Native: Your work is truly amazing, if not better. That’s all I can say cause I like it so much!
    3/25/2005 7:08 PM
  • wiscompton
    Your rings are awsome
    Wiscompton: I met you at the bead and button show in Milwaukee. The rings I liked alot didnt fit but im mad i didnt get one any way.
    6/23/2005 7:46 PM
  • JC Herrell
    Sweet work!
    JC Herrell: A new favorite artist of mine... Love it, Harold!!
    6/17/2006 5:47 PM
  • Sheila M
    Sheila M: You are an awesome friend! And! Your work looks great on my display shelf. Peace be with you, Happy Harold.
    7/31/2007 9:34 AM
  • rocio
    hey , harold
    Rocio: Thanks for traiding with me, please contact me at my e amil, your pieces are wonderfull....Rocio
    7/31/2007 2:31 PM
  • Krix Beeble
    nice art! :D
    Krix Beeble: your art work is beautiful and inspiring!!!
    6/26/2008 11:26 AM
  • Bickley Studios
    Hey Harold
    Bickley Studios: It was great meeting you in Tucson. Your shop looks fabulous. I love the plants. I would love to trade at the next show. Please look us up if you're ever in NC.Veda
    3/2/2009 5:20 PM

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