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Goat Skull

Goat Skull

Posted by Jill Benfield on 4/21/2017
Goat Skull (pale steel blue)
11"x 6.5"x 4"

738 x 1024 px  (1283 KB)

 Artist:   Jill Benfield  Contact Artist 
Jill Benfield
hey! thanks for taking the time to check out my work!
I have been working in various forms of glass since 2003. my earlier work consists of pate de verre and blown glass combined with metal, wire, wood, fiberglass and whatever else I could find.
My current work is all kiln cast crystal. I am inspired by bone and natural elements, I use these natural forms in my work as a structural study to create visual interpretations of spiritual transformation. 
I intend to drawing the line between the structure and chaos of nature and the personal changes we undergo throughout life.


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