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#1021 Golden Koi

#1021 Golden Koi

Posted by Michelle Rial on 10/30/2016
Fine black glass line work and silver foil scale accents embellish the circular koi design. Marigold yellow powder below the iridescent clear top layer create the fish's colors and sheen. Recessed curving voids below the base glass layer mimic flowing water. Multiple layers of fusing glass pieces, powders, and chips create this fused glass artwork.

Golden Koi
Fused glass
1015 x 1024 px  (866 KB)

 Artist:   Michelle Rial  ( ) Contact Artist 
Michelle Rial
Multi-layered warm glass fuser seeking gallery for exhibition.

Michelle Rial
2058 N. 3639th Road
Serena IL 60549 

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