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"Dark Matter" (SOLD)

"Dark Matter" (SOLD)

Posted by Joe Drury Glass Art on 2/27/2007
The work, called "Dark Matter," will be on display at the center where scientists research dark matter. That is matter that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be detected directly but whose presence might be inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter.

366 x 178 px  (20 KB)
Arc I
Recycled Kiln Formed Jalice Porch Windows
768 x 768 px  (84 KB)
SeaForm I
Recycled Kiln Formed Jalice Porch Windows
1024 x 635 px  (167 KB)
GlassLace (SOLD)
Kiln Formed with Thompson Enamels
768 x 768 px  (99 KB)
Sea Scape II (SOLD)
Kiln Formed with Thompson Enamels now in the collection of the the W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation
768 x 768 px  (83 KB)
Sea Form II
Joe Drury is teaching at the W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation Workshops
768 x 768 px  (101 KB)
Splash III (SOLD)
Shown at the 5th St Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio
768 x 768 px  (89 KB)
Tiff Tuff
Recycled Church Window Kiln Formed with Thompson Enamels
768 x 768 px  (61 KB)
Beach Waves I
Commission for Palm Beach Collector. Kiln Formed with Thompson Enamels
620 x 368 px  (62 KB)

 Artist:   Joe Drury Glass Art  ( ) Contact Artist 
Joe Drury Glass Art
THE 5TH ST. GALLERY at the Hilton Netherland now showing New Glass Sculpture by Joseph Drury
Gallery Hours:
Mon. - Thurs. & Sat. 10 am - 6 pm
Friday 10 am 9 pm
55 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
(corner of 5th & Race, across from Saks & Macy's)
513-579-9333 www.5thstgallery.com
ARTIST JOSEPH DRURY is a Sculptor, and Instructor working in glass, steel, and stone producing abstracted kiln formed re purposed glass sculpture, objects of art and wood cut prints. Joe Drury is a permanent member of the 5th Street Gallery. His new work recycles windows and glass enamels into light airy structures combined as wall mounted sculptures or viewed as stand alone pieces. Drury creates many of his designs at his Fort Thomas home studio and completes his work in his studio kiln at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati.

Joe Drury offers instructional workshops in kiln forming and glass on glass enameling and drawing at his Pendleton Art Center Studio 512. He also offers workshops at The W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation and sketching at the Pendleton Art Gallery, Newport on the Levee. WWW.JoeDrury.com His work can be found in public and private collections nationally and internationally.

'MAKE IT MATTER ..GIVE ART'"The Art of Giving"
Glass Art by Joseph Drury is being offered here as well as in several Cincinnati Area Art locations:

THE 5TH STREET GALLERY at the Hilton Netherland Plaza Presents'MAKE IT MATTER ..GIVE ART'
See new Glass Art, painting, sculpture, fabric art, photography, jewelry, ceramic and floral art.
55 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Corner of 5th & Race, Across from Saks & Macy's) 513-579-9333 WWW.5thstgallery.com
THE PENDLETON ART GALLERY features unique artwork by PAC artists.The Pendleton Art Gallery is at Newport on the Levee, Ky

THE PENDLETON ART CENTER (PAC)in Cincinnati opens its doors to the public every Final Friday of the month.
The public can purchase artwork directly from the artists in their studios. 1310 Pendleton St Cincinnati, OH 45202-info@pendletonartcenter.com 513-559-3958 Ext. 1257.

"VIRGILS CAFE" 710 Fairfield Ave.
Bellevue Ky, 41073 Phone 859.491.3287
Web www.virgilscafe.com Email: Info @virgils.net
Glass art Information contact JoeDrury@msn.com, JoeDrury.com or 859-240-0046

Making Art from blanks and scrap! 'Glass on Glass' Enamel & Kiln forming Workshops
We are making Art from glass blanks and scrap Saturdays! Call 859-240-0046
Space is available in Saturday workshops where you will learn Kiln Forming with 'Glass on Glass' Enameling at the W.W.Carpenter Enamel Foundation.
Workshops run 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Artist/Students can join any number of Saturday sessions.

Joe Drurys' unique 'Glass on Glass' powder enameling on recycled glass techniques are taught. While these techniques can be applied to enameling on any surface, the primary focus will be on learning how to apply enamels to glass for Sculpture, Jewelry, Window Hangings, Bowl, and Plate forms using transparent Thompson enamels. Design, glass preparation, enamel application and finishing techniques are covered. The workshops are suitable for all student levels from beginning through advanced. Beginning students learn proper ways to apply and fire the enamel, while those who have already learned to enamel will hone and perfect their art and techniques while having questions answered about issues with their art glass pieces. Each student produces at least one art work per session.
Thompson Enamels glass substrate shapes, and all other materials are supplied for the workshops. Students register by contacting Joe Drury directly at (859) 240-0046, email joedrury@msn.com or Thompson Enamel (859) 291-3800, email sales@thompsonenamel.com
Workshops are limited to 15 students. Per session. Cost is $65 per session or $175 for three sessions.
The new W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation Workshops are located at
650 Colfax Avenue, Bellevue, KY 41073 Contact Joe Drury at 859-240-0046 or
Thompson at: info@glass-on-metal.com
Museum Purchase:
Two large glass sculptures 'Seascape I, and Seascape II' by Pendleton Art Center Artist Joe Drury were purchased at the 5th street artists cooperative Gallery by The Woodrow W. Carpenter Museum.


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