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james shelton's Gallery

james shelton's Gallery

Posted by James Shelton on 1/1/2006


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Antiquish Bottles

Antiquish Bottles

These are alot of fun to make. 60mil flares heavy gold and silver fume some color then 4oz of frit. They are thicker than a Coke bottle. I made these pieces Nov 04 - Apr 05
Thank you for your interest.
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Freedom in Conformity

Freedom in Conformity

This is a set of borosilicate blown beads. They are ISO and made from one piece of stock. It is alchemy and Draconis color with gold and silver fume. It is just shy of 1/2 lb. A regular MONSTER! I believe this necklace will look stunning with an elegant black evening gown. This piece is for sale contact me for pricing. I am having a hard time pricing this necklace if other atrists could contact me with opinions and suggestions for bead pricing, it would be hugely appreciated. (720-329-9195)
I am really enjoying the jewelry thing.
Thank You for looking, **james**

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Glass Garden

Glass Garden

Here is a few of my unsold pieces. Feel free to inquire as to where they will end up. Thank you for your interest...
**James** 720-329-9195
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Moldavite Tree

Moldavite Tree

Chinese green solid sculpture with Very fine specimens of Moldavite as blossoms.
Thank you for your interest....
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Rondellesque Lampwork

Rondellesque Lampwork

These are large flares of 60 mil tubing spun open with a Maya torch. These pieces are usually accompanied by a seperate custom stand. Thank you for looking. **James**

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13" tall blown sculpted blasted painted
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 Artist:   James Shelton  ( ) Contact Artist 
James Shelton
I will forever be a student.....endlessly adding to my knowledge of art and life.

Thank you for your interest..


james shelton
3764 mitchell rd
Eureka CA 95503 
Phone: 7074763918

  • Nathan Purcell
    no problem
    Nathan Purcell: hope all is well....thanks for the comments......nate
    4/20/2006 1:20 PM
  • James Shelton
    My sand-blaster became operational today
    James Shelton: New work to be posted right around the corner.
    Tons of new stuff.
    Stay tuned.
    5/12/2006 1:59 PM
  • Les
    Hey there
    Les: saw your comment on boulder in '96. I actually think I knew you briefly back then. Didn't you sell mr. x glass?. Even stayed at you house once if I recall before I started Prometheus with Raj and Kai around '97. Anyway your work is lookin great!
    keep it up.
    5/16/2006 12:46 AM
  • Lindemann Glass
    In response to your question
    Lindemann Glass: At the moment I'm just playing with ideas but sometime in the future I may well need some help. Keep in touch. TL
    PS. Nice work.
    5/23/2006 9:54 AM
  • Alex Boyd
    What up Dude?
    Alex Boyd: When you gonna post something new? I'm getting bored of looking at the same old. Looks good though. Give me an e-mail if you still need help with bead pricing. I might even know some places around town that would like them.
    12/7/2006 8:31 AM
  • Krix Beeble
    thank you!
    Krix Beeble: thank you very much. i will always keep that in mind!
    4/2/2007 12:50 AM

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