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in germany

Posted by Glass Art Museum Arad Israel on 10/23/2005
Gideon is showing his art in Germany lately.
You could have seen his art in koln, Dinslaken and now days in Theuern.
these are some of the pics we took in his exhibition in Dinslaken


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Gideon Fridman

Gideon Fridman

These items are part of Gideon Fridman's exhibition in the Glass Art Museum in Arad Israel.
Some of his work is shown these days in Koln and in Dinslaken, Germany.
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wall of spirits

wall of spirits

this wall is a perfect example to the usage of flame-thrower and the game Gideon is having with the glass
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 Artist:   Glass Art Museum Arad Israel  ( ) Contact Artist 
Glass Art Museum in Arad, Israel is the home of the artist Gideon Fridman. Gideon sculptures in glass using fusing and slumping methods. He uses special techniques he developed himself, for creating a "trialogue" between himself, the sculpture and the observer. His statues move around you as the "Mona Liza" do, and it seems like the glass has a living spirit in it.

Gideon Fridman
Sadan 11
p.o.box 731
Arad IL 89100 IL
Phone: 972-8-9953388

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