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Rashan Omari Jones:  Jones Art Glass
Hand crafted Lampwork reflecting the beauty of the High Desert Southwest. I began Lampworking in spring of 2000. The work presented here is a testament to all the hard work, patience, and skill it takes to keep glass hot, well formed, and beautiful. There's no where on earth quite as eye catching as the desert here in New Mexico, hopefully my work captures that


El Malpais, NM Lava Flows

El Malpais, NM Lava Flows

Here's a few outdoor pics of a some beads I brought out hiking. There's miles and miles of great hiking here in New Mexcico. the El Malpais has been one of my favorite spots to find inspiration and relaxation since I was a kid. Enjoy.
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Jones Art Glass Finished Work

Jones Art Glass Finished Work

I use organic colors to help me stay connected to my Southwest environment. This is my first attempt at bead stringing... Any and all feedback is awesome. I always wondered what people have been doing with my beads for the last three years. These are my in house designs from your friends at Jones Art Glass!!
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Jones Art Glass iTwist

Jones Art Glass iTwist

The iTwist is my newest design added to the Jones Art Glass collection. Its an encased, Boro, lampworked bead/pendant and features an encapsulated High Desert Twist trapped beautifully within a super magnified layer of clear boro. I enjoy evolution of style and I truly enjoyed creating the high desert twist; so its awesome to expand on an already fun idea. I'll be debuting this design at The Beast Bead Show 1rst annual Tucson Fall Show in a few days. I truly enjoy the finished product and up close the colors stack up and twist into beautiful sprial "steps". Thanks for spending some time with me...
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High Desert Opal Inclusions

High Desert Opal Inclusions

I truly believe that it takes something as fiery and billiant as an Opal to capture the spirit of new mexico. I strive to create beads that have a very natural look, truly organic. To take an actual stone and encapsulate it in molten glass helps me complete the organic cycle of boro lampwork. From stone to sand to fire back into stone. Thank you for your interest.
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Desert Twist

Desert Twist

These beads bring about feelings of peace. Their unique, twsited design show the never ending spiral of life. Some times ebb sometimes flow but always in motion. These beads show the motion of the Desert. Thank you to Bead & Button Magazine for including these in the August 2005 edition of Artist Spotlight.
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High Desert Jewelry Sets

High Desert Jewelry Sets

Here's a few ideas I've been working on as far as incorporating existing ideas into sets for Bead Shows. Thanks for spending some time.
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Opal Drops

Opal Drops

These beads represent the incredible influence KBGlassworks has had on my own lampwork. Thanks Andrew And Brian for helping make the desert liveable.
The use of Glison Opals really shows the fiery spirit of Albuqueque, NM.
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Goblets and Vessels

Goblets and Vessels

Various Goblets and Vessels from the studio of Rashan Omari Jones
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High Desert Twist Weights

High Desert Twist Weights

Here a new Paperweight idea I'm working on for Tuscon 2006 in January. I'm not nor am I inclined to be a paperweight maker, I love beads. But the Desert Twist is such a fluid shape, so calming I had to go bigger. Low and behold, a weight sprang forth from my torch...
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Albuquerque, NM - Beginning Boro Class

Albuquerque, NM - Beginning Boro Class

New class offered Saturday March 4th!!!!! Two seats left...

I teach a beginner flameworking class on Saturdays. Its at Stained Glass Concepts and we've been running them for a few months successfully. It's jokingly referred to as "How to not get cut, burned, or go blind 101" I enjoy working with beginner level students because they display so much enthusiasm and wonderment. Its cool to get to see that "WoW" moment as someone pulls their first stringer, or figures out how to get a gather round, or one of a bunch of firsts... So Cool!

If you're in or will be passing through Albuquerque, NM contact me for current availablity and dates: 505-217-8535 or JonesArtGlass@gmail.com.
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Houston Bead Society Annual Glass and Jewelry Show 2005

Houston Bead Society Annual Glass and Jewelry Show 2005

Here's some pics from this years Houston Bead Society Show. Big Ups to Shirley Nowlin, Mike Miles, the worlds greatest caterer at Yafa, and Sarah Graham Houston's greatest tour guide. Thanks to Bryan from KBGlassworks and Luken Sheafe out of Austin, TX I'd split any booth anywhere with you cats. Tons of fun!!!
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Easy Inspirations...

Easy Inspirations...

It's hard not to blow glass when your constantly surrounded by such inspiring colors. I never really struggle with color combinations, I just look around me and mimic what I see here in the High Desert. As I prepare for Tuscon Best Bead Show 2006 I took a drive up through the Sandia Mountains. Here's a sampling of the natural palette I select my colors from.
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Sonoran Glass Academy Flame-Off 2006

Sonoran Glass Academy Flame-Off 2006

Here we go again!!!! It was another exciting year in Tucson. The whole team at the Sonoran Glass Academy did a great job of organizng the event. The planning and coordination of 24 lampworkers, different torches, set-ups everything. It all went so smoothly and each year it gets better and better. I got pics of all the finished pieces and I'll add the names as I have match them up from my notes. Flame-offs are an excellent way to showcase your talents as well as see what your colleauges are up to. The Sonoran Flame-off draws competitors from all over the nation so it was a varied event. Marbles, marbles runs, vessels, anythong you can think of. Thanks again to David Morden, Alex the super cool table girl, Eli Aller for helping us set up so smoothly and all the rest of the "red hats" that put this thing together.

DUH!!!! I forgot my main man on the local scene Andy Ray, from "Galactic Glass" !!!!! Big Ups !!
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Student of the Month!!!

Student of the Month!!!

Jones Art Glass is proud to present the Kindergarten Student of the Month! After kicking butt in the Good Behavior department all April and an awesome May in Tae-Kwon-Do it was time for another torch session with dad.

I Got so many cool emails the first time popped through here so thanks for all the posistive vibes. I switched him off my Mirage onto the Lynx and he seems way less intimidated so flame on!!

Congratulations son and keep up the good work!!(yes he can read this...)
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Andrew Brown & Troy Bennet "The Bolt" Action shots!!

Andrew Brown & Troy Bennet "The Bolt" Action shots!!

Here's some shots from Troy and Andrew's last collabo here the Burque, NM. It was awesome watching "The Bolt" go from inspiration to final form. Thanks for a great Demo weekend fellas, it was pleasure checking it all at.

It was my first chance to actually meet Troy so it was cool to put a face to some of the nicest glass I've seen. Your style is super clean.

Congrat... to both of you cats for your Public Glass/Selman "Big Things in Small Packages" inclusions. Nice Photos!!
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Tucson Best Bead !! Fall!!

Tucson Best Bead !! Fall!!

Wow, a fun show!!! Lewis did another fine job of putting together some awesome talent. The Luccio Demos were very inspring. Great seeing everyone as well. Big ups Andrew, Bryan, H-Bomb Cooney, Devin "Young DEEZY" Sommerville and my main man on the west coast Jon Long. Its was also cool to finally meet JC Herrel Williams Cooney, Harold's half sister, and the awesome miss Cindy. Big ups the the Super Spange.... and of course the Hostest with the Mostest:

MARGARET "the zizzle" ZINSER. Without you you this literally wouldn't have been possible. We love you Sweets!! You handled boro boys and bead babes all week long with ease and we thank you.

There was so much going on... Team Softflex were rasing funds for their Breast Cancer Support walk, The Oxy Unlimted guys even donated an Oxy Concentrator to raffle off for their cause, It went home with Super Bead Mom Jiley. World Class Lampworkers walking around like rockstars... Awesome tools...New Beads... See you at the next one!!!
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Jones Art Glass
Hand crafted Lampwork reflecting the beauty of the High Desert Southwest. I began Lampworking in spring of 2000. The work presented here is a testament to all the hard work, patience, and skill it takes to keep glass hot, well formed, and beautiful. There's no where on earth quite as eye catching as the desert here in New Mexico, hopefully my work captures that. Without the patience and support of God and my colleauges I never could have made it this far. Thank you to: Lewis Wilson and the whole Crytal Myths fam, KBGlassworks for all the things I cant mention here, and the glass support, The Wisconsin Squad, Paul and Devin; the Queen City Lampworks team for trading me for my first beads without clowning me, Harold Williams Cooney aka"Happy" your work ethic is amazing, Kevin O'Grady for showing me how to sell all this stuff I keep making, and of course my son Noah...Its all for you man. Feel free to contact me either by Phone or Email for all purchase information. Thank you for spending some time with me...

"Promise Made Promise Kept"

Rashan Omari Jones
Albququerque NM 87113 US
Phone: 505-504-9971

  • Chris A Carlson
    Chris A Carlson: your honeycombs are butter!
    2/23/2006 1:00 PM
  • J.Murph - Natural Design Boutique
    Really feelin' Your Work!
    J.Murph - Natural Design Boutique: Great stuff Rashan, especially the jewelry sets, very ethnic feel to it. I'm new to this site, but there is some amazing work out here. The photos are cool too.

    4/10/2006 2:25 PM
  • Galactic Glass
    Beauty is in the heart...
    Galactic Glass: Rashan your work is not just inspired by the beauty of the desert around you. I see it as a reflection of the beauty you have within your heart. Keep up the good work buddy!!!
    4/14/2006 5:57 PM
  • Akihiro Ohkama S Japanese Glass
    Akihiro Ohkama S Japanese Glass: Thank you very much for your comment.
    I use soft glass for 10 years, but boro is about 1 year and a half.
    murrini is for the first time!

    I'm looking forward to being able to meet you in tucson!
    11/3/2006 7:18 AM

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