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Flameworked Glass by Bashi Ale

Flameworked Glass by Bashi Ale

Posted by Bashi on 9/2/2005
Bashi Ale, a passionate Pacific Northwest artist, was first introduced to flameworking when he moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1997. An artist, from a long line of artisans and Italian craftsmen, he had already made significant strides in establishing himself as a surrealistic illustrator and painter when he discovered his muse in glass.

Glass is like a suspension of time, forever showcasing the artisans will.

Born in Boise, Idaho on July 26, 1981 Bashi spent his early childhood growing up in California until moving with his family to Oregon. In 2000 on his twentieth birthday he received an apprenticeship with a local glass studio. This experience taught him the fundamental techniques used in borosilicate flameworking and served as a stepping stone towards a solo career. Bashi is best known for his custom jewelry and art marbles, where his work can be seen in galleries, museums and private collections worldwide. He also enjoys teaching his glass techniques through magazine tutorials, video demonstrations and individual classes. A multi-medium artist who also owns his own publishing company, Bashi's success in glass may be attributed to his scientific approach of mixing realism with abstract qualities. Not to mention countless hours perfecting his technique behind the torch.


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~Contemporary Marbles~

~Contemporary Marbles~

Unique and collectible works of art.
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~Wearable Art~

~Wearable Art~

A look into glass pendant design.
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~Glass Vessels~

~Glass Vessels~

Perfume bottles, jars, candle holders and more...
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~Shamanic Rattles~

Influenced by the Shahmans, who use rattles to control the relationship between the human and spirit realm.
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~Behind The Torch~

~Behind The Torch~

Action shots, studio pics, glass events and how-to demo's.
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Bashi Ale
Eugene OR 97401 US

  • Vivian S Lampwork Beads
    Great Work!!
    Vivian S Lampwork Beads: Everything in your gallery's wonderful, but the perfume bottles are magical!!
    3/27/2006 7:01 PM
  • N00b
    big thanks
    N00b: thinks for the comment. thats a new way to make loops for me. ill try it asap. yeah the vent set up is great. 60 bucks made a great improvement and peace of mind. i totaly dig on your work. never thought i would be gettin tips from one of the top dogs. it means alot. thanks man.


    5/15/2006 10:15 PM
  • Cuatro Kruse
    thanks dude!
    Cuatro Kruse: Hey thanks for the comment, I really enjoy making those, more on the way! You have a nice gallery here, I love the perfume bottles and the drawings. I have never seen a glass rattle, very unique! Keep up the good work...
    6/4/2006 3:28 PM
  • Joe And Donna
    Thanks ALLOT
    Joe And Donna: Hey , We really thank you for your comment on the critters ! ! ! Also we are working on some butterflies w/ dichro wings too ? Like everyone else alot of marb's on the way too ??? one I actually like the 3" one ( done a phantom too ) ??? again thanks
    7/16/2006 1:17 PM
  • Malissa Kuznicki
    Thanks for sticking up for me.
    Malissa Kuznicki: Hey, thanks for supporting my decision to post my non-glass art. I think seeing an artist's other interests gives you further insight into their work. Thanks.

    Your reticellos are awsome, by the way!

    7/17/2006 4:41 PM
  • Robert Koch Glass
    Please hit me up man
    Robert Koch Glass: I bought that Photo Impact have a few questions for ya
    8/8/2006 5:05 PM
  • Mark M. McCourt
    Bashi!!!! Thank you!!!
    Mark M. McCourt: Hey man, thanks for the possitive comment on my site.Are you the guy who is collaborating with Cuatro? Anyway's, it's pretty hard anymore to get serious comments. Everybody loves to talk shit, rather that be possitive about the glass art. I am seriously considering erasing my page from this site. It is too flooded with glassblowers who are on an ego trip or who just love to talk you down for whatever. I love blowing glass, but it sure is getting old battleing with other artists who claim to be the ones who created glassblowing or who think that they are a million times better than you. I don't know? The last time I checked, glassblowing wasn't a competition.It seems to be a rat race to see who can be at the top. I had to leave Eugene 4 months ago, cause thats how I was feeling in my own community. Now that I am in Colorado, I feel much more relaxed in an environment with hardly any glassblowing ego. Thank you again, Mark- P.S. your marbles are fucking beautiful, flawless!!
    9/21/2006 1:55 PM
  • Bashi
    Voice of reason...
    Bashi: Hi Mark...
    I could not agree with you more! Thank you for the kind words and insightful comments:-) Best of luck in Colorado.
    9/27/2006 7:28 PM
  • Joe And Donna
    Joe And Donna: Thanks , He was "ALL" smiles when we showed your reply to him !!!!!! Don't need to say more !!!! Thanks & PEACE JOE & DONNA
    10/30/2006 8:33 PM

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