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Carrie Strope was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska where she attended college and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture before moving to the Napa Valley to work in the wine industry. After a few years, she realized that she preferred drinking wine to the hours involved in making it. However, it was during this time that she started taking classes at the local college and pursuing an interest in art that had always taken a back seat. While taking classes in oil painting, mixed media, web design and photoshop, she stumbled upon a glass studio where she walked into a beginning fusing class and simply refused to leave! Since then, she has expanded her resume considerably, and now teaches these beginning classes, as well as children's classes and more advanced classes. Carrie has just recently moved back to her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska to be nearer to her family and is anxious to share her love of glass with her "new" community. Carrie's artwork incorporates a love of quilting and bright colors she inherited from her mother, who was an avid quilter before passing away from ovarian cancer in 2006. She loves the meditational quality of cutting sheets of glass into several tiny pieces, and then putting them back together to form new patterns. "I love exploring light, shadow, depth and dimension in playing with layers of glass."

Carrie Strope
Lincoln NE 68516 US

Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/CalyxAnn

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