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Adam Grafuis
Adam Grafuis was voted sexiest man alive for the second year in a row by People magazine 2002 and 2003. Unfortunately he did not win in 2004 but came in third place, which E entertainment calls the biggest sham of 04. He enjoys eating cupcakes, hambuddies and just about anything else that is in the category of delicious food. He was born in Switzerland and abandoned at the tender age of 1.645; he was lovingly taken in by a pack of glassblowing wolves, and learned the art of glass. He has worked with great artists such as Sepulworld, David Hasslehoff and Bo Jackson. Due out in the beginning of 2005 he will be performing a song with Eddie Murphy entitled my girl likes to party all the time 2

Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/AdamGrafuis

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