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ART Glass Sculptures
Let us to introduce You our firm ARTSHOW s.r.o. Our hand made production of a lot sorts glass statues is based on own author design and arise from tradicional production of glassware prepared by glass melting using gas burner - drawing glass technology. We are the single firm of the world which produce this products. We are located near of JABLONEC city in Czech republic.The usual production of this technology are only the small figures to 10 - 15 cm. We developed own working method for producing of the statues grate more then 25 cm. Now we produced the offered sorts in size cca 30 cm (L) and cca 40 - 50 cm ( XXL). All our production is protected by Author Rights and is registrated by IPO - Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic as the Industrial Designes. The sculptures are producting from coloured glass sticks on gas burner, all is an original hand made production. Each sort can to be producted in each color you want, the motion of the hands is rather. Each sculpture has certificate of the originality.

Dipl. Ing. arch. Dagmar Horinkova
Vaneckova 467
Zelezny Brod  46822 CZ
Phone: +420604873878


Profile Link: http://www.GlassArtists.org/ARTGlassSculptures

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